Purisima Creek Redwoods (Costal Redwoods)
There are two main access points
Five miles south of Half Moon Bay Ca. and from
highway 35 (about five miles east and uphill away).
With miles of trails through various terrain views abound.
The lower trail on the Half Moon Bay side interconnects other perserves.

This walk from the Half Moon Bay coast side on Whittermore Gultch trail
starts out in the lower left corner of the map heading uphill toward
highway 35 (the squigley line right of center on the map).
Near the midpoint of this array the views reverse, starting from the
Northridge trail at highway 35. Northridge intersects Whittermore
a mile down the trail.
area sign
Tail head sign (Half Moon Bay side)
trail sign
Whittermore Gultch - five miles uphill East to Hwy 35.
lower bridge
A look back over the lower creek bridge
assent begins
The assent begins
Some areas are dense and dark
Ferns among the Redwoods
Young Redwoods and Maple mix with the ferns
old growth
Some of the Redwoods are six feet or more in diameter
burnt out
This one was almost ten feet in diameter before it burned
huge trunk
rock cropping
Looking back down the trail at the rock cropping
banana slug
Banana Slugs love this place
upper bridge
Crossing the upper creek bride
upper creek
A trickle in the upper creek
bent tree
Winter and spring winds bow the trees
tree tops
Nearing the crest of the first ridge
Whittermore Gultch trail continues

Preserve entry at highway 35.
North Ridge
The trail head. We bear right down Northridge
Rays of Light
A mix of sun rays and shadows
On the trail
High on the ridge there's ample sunshine
Preserve boundry
Half way to Whittermore we look West to the Preserve boundry where Northridge ends
soaring Hawks
Hawks, Falcons, and Eagles, soar coastal thermals
Mountain Sparrow
Mountain Sparrow hang out near the preserve boundry on Northridge
Coastal Range
Looking over the coastal range
Cloud cover
On a clear day Pacific Ocean waves are visible